Big Nor’Easter Named Damon Poised to Dump Snow, Heavy Rains

Well over 4 million people in the Northeast are currently under a winter storm advisory due to a large Nor’Easter called Damon that’s bearing down on the eastern portion of the United States. This powerful storm is being forecast to dump a little bit of everything on the ground including rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow as it plows its way through New England this week. Damon has already dumped an unpleasant mixture of snow and rain along with whipping winds over many areas in the Northeast as it pushes further on its northward path.

Tuesday morning was a hectic one weather-wise for people who were previously affected by Super Storm Sandy two years ago. The high tides brought moderate flooding to the Jersey Shore and portions of Long Island. In some areas, the tides reached their highest levels since Sandy however the impacts were far less damaging this time around. New York City got over 2.5 inches of rain already from Damon on Tuesday with Boston getting nearly 3 inches.

Damon also caused havoc on roadways due to slippery conditions and at the International Airport in Newark, NJ where dozens of flights were canceled due to poor weather conditions. Traffic was rerouted in several areas of the Big Apple Tuesday due to localized street flooding including traffic on the southbound West Side Highway that was blocked due to flooding. While New Yorkers will escape the snow and sleet expected to come down in the northern and western suburbs, rainfall and strong winds in excess of 50 miles are expected to prevail across NYC which will make being outside miserable.

Damon is expected to continue pounding the I-95 corridor from Boston to D.C. over the next two days with heavy rains and strong winds. Meanwhile, in the mountainous areas in the interior of the Northeast and northern New England, people will be enduring heavy snowfall as up to two feet may fall before the powerful system moves out of the region. All this is due to a rather small area of low lying pressure that formed along the western end of a frontal boundary on the East Coast. The heaviest snowfall will most likely occur over the interior Northeast from northern Pennsylvania into upstate New York, the White and Green Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire into the northern part of Maine with 6 or more inches of snow likely. Some higher elevations could easily get over 2 feet of snow before all is said and done at the end of the work week.